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Our Orchard

We have a new home for cider innovation in the Hudson Valley!
We’re excited to open back up for visitors this spring.

Introducing Orchard's Edge

American cider has come a long way in the past few years, and we think it can be pushed even further. With Orchard’s Edge, we took our two decades of cider making experience to create styles that we think represent what is next for cider.

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About the CIDER Act

It’s not often that we like to get overly technical on our blog, but there’s been an important development in the cider world and we want to give you, our friends, the scoop. Congress has passed regulation that will impact not only Angry Orchard, but all cider makers, and paves the way for increased innovation within our industry.

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Introducing Angry Orchard Stone Dry

Traditional English dry ciders have been around for centuries, and are a cultural mainstay in the UK. These styles are known for their use of traditional bittersweet apple varieties and showcasing naturally occurring tannins that have a drying effect on the palate.

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