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Whip up easy and delicious bites, with a surprising hard-cider twist, that’s sure to please the cheering sideline on your couch!.

cheddar bacon burger sliders with angry orchard

Cheddar Bacon Burger Sliders with Angry Orchard BBQ Sauce and Charred Jalapeno Relish

Just when they think they’re getting the regular old sliders, you pull a blitz with Angry Orchard BBQ Sauce and Charred Jalapeno Relish! They’ll never see it coming.

PigsInABlanket Thumb

Pepper Jack Pigs in a Blanket with Angry Orchard Dipping Sauce

You won’t have to go hands under center to pass this dish. Our take on pigs in a blanket has an extra snap with jalapeno slices.



Whether your team is winning or losing, these cider infused cocktails are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

SpicedRumCocktail Thumbnail

Angry Spiced Rum Cocktail

Feeling heated about the score? Sip on this cocktail, made with Angry Orchard, Spiced Rum and Allspice Liqueur that will give you a kick right back.

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FallOrchardPunch Thumbnail

Orchard Punch

With 5 simple ingredients, whip up this party punch that will feel like a touchdown with every sip!

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