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Angry Orchard Holiday

The most memorable holiday celebrations include good eats, enjoyable company and, of course, great drinks. To give your holidays that extra cider kick, here are some unique cider-infused holiday food and cocktail recipes to help you celebrate with your friends and family. 


The sweet and tart flavors of Angry Orchard compliment the flavors of the holidays, and helps add a unique touch to all of your holiday recipes.

Lamb Detail

Oven Roasted Lamb Rack with Cider, Apples and Mint

Sure – you could have turkey. But you could also up your main entrée game with a rack of lamb. The addition of Angry Orchard Crisp Apple, apples, and mint give this dish a fresh, apple-forward taste.

TriTip Detail

Spice Rubbed Tri-Tip Steak with Cider Onion Relish

Red meat is what you serve to the friends and family who you truly love (everyone knows that). Cider onion relish made with Angry Orchard Crisp Apple is a perfect complement to this hearty entrée.

Rutabega Detail

Caramelized Potato and Rutabaga Mash

These aren’t your mama’s mashed potatoes. They still have all the things you love (heavy cream, anyone) with the addition of Angry Orchard Crisp Apple, which livens up this classic side dish.



Try some of our signature holiday cocktails, featuring some of our favorite Angry Orchard styles.

AngryByTheFire Detail

Angry by the Fire

As the name suggests, this is the cocktail you’re going to want to be sipping on when you’re sitting by the fireplace all winter long.

AngryEggNog Detail

Angry Egg Nog

This holiday cocktail takes a bit of extra effort, but if it helps you get through another holiday party with your family then it’s totally worth it, right?

MintyOrchard Detail

Minty Orchard

Not only is this cocktail delicious, it’s also amazingly festive looking. Trust us – your friends and family will be impressed with this one.

OrchardToddy Detail

Orchard Toddy

There’s nothing quite like a Hot Toddy on a cold winter’s day – kick this classic cocktail up a notch with the warming spices of Angry Orchard Cinnful Apple.