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Meet Our Cider Makers

Great cider takes more than just great ingredients and equipment. Meet the people who are not only constantly innovating to ferment new styles of cider, but making sure that every pint of Angry Orchard is as delicious as the last.

RyanBurk_CiderMakersRYAN BURK
Ryan is the head cider maker on-site at the orchard in the Hudson Valley. Ryan’s New York roots run deep. He grew up in Upstate New York and began working on orchards around age six. He has always been interested in making cider and brewing beer, and experimented with both of these crafts during college and even after, during his brief stint in law school. After realizing that his passion was in making hard cider, Ryan decided to leave law school in favor of brewing school. Prior to joining the Angry Orchard team, Ryan racked up years of professional craft cider making experience, with a particular focus on cider barrel aging and varying fermentation processes.

Favorite Angry Orchard Cider: Strawman from the Cider House Collection

Favorite Food and Cider Pairing: Ripe Camembert cheese, charcuterie & a crusty baguette paired with Strawman