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Our Innovation Cider House

At our Innovation Cider House, we put our own twist on traditional ciders and are constantly experimenting with new processes and techniques.

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Cold Storage

The big red barn at the entrance of our orchard plays a critical role in the cider making process, serving as a cold storage space. Cold storage slows the ripening of the apples, extending their lifespan for an extra few months.


In our wash-sort-press room, we press apples from our orchard and other surrounding orchards for use in ciders made on-site.

Cider House

In our production space at the Cider House, we have a bunch of different ciders fermenting at any one time. In addition to our traditional tanks, we also have a nano system which allows us to run very small experimental fermentation batches.

Stone Barn

In our Stone Barn we use both small wooden barrels and large wooden tuns to age our cider. Barrel wood expands and contracts with the season, allowing the characteristics of the barrel to blend with those of the cider.

Tasting Room

We’re constantly having fun and trying new things. We encourage you to come by for a visit, see what we have going on, and taste some of the specialty ciders made on-site!

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