Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Angry Orchard? Check out the answers to our most commonly asked questions. Questions about visiting our Cidery in Walden, New York? Click here to jump to that section.

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Finding Angry Orchard

  • Where can I find my favorite Angry Orchard cider near me?

    Our hard ciders are available nationwide! Our Cider Finder should be able to help you locate Angry Orchard in your area. Enter your zip code and a list of locations will pop up. You may need to zoom out to view all available locations. We recommend calling ahead to guarantee availability, as the Cider Finder might not account for cider sold within the last day.

  • Where can I find Cider House Collection styles?

    The Angry Orchard Cider House Collection features very popular styles, made in small batches, and can be hard to find at times. However, when you do find them, it is definitely worth the wait! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. If you are having trouble finding them on their own, let your local liquor store know that you are interested in exploring additional Angry Orchard cider styles and hopefully they will be able to order more from their local distributor. Note: Due to state laws our Cider House Collection will not be available in PA, VA, or NH.

  • Can I buy kegs of Angry Orchard? Where can I find them?

    The only package type that is not accounted for on the Cider Finder is 1/2bbl kegs of Angry Orchard Crisp Apple. Although they are available for purchase, they are very limited and can be hard to find. If you are interested in buying 1/2bbl kegs of Angry Orchard Crisp Apple, notify your local liquor store that carries kegs and hopefully they will be able to order from their local distributor.

  • Does Angry Orchard come in cans? Where can I find them?

    We offer a few of our styles in cans. Our Cider Finder can help you locate retailers near you and see what packaging options are available. If you’re not finding what you’re looking for, let your local retailer know that you’re interested in Angry Orchard cans and hopefully they will be able to place an order with their distributor.

    Styles currently available in cans are:

    Crisp Apple in 12 oz., 16 oz., and 24 oz. cans

    Green Apple in 16 oz. cans

    Easy Apple in 12 oz. and 24 oz. cans

  • My favorite style isn't on the Cider Finder–what does that mean?

    Popular styles or ciders made in small batches can be hard to find at times. If you are having trouble finding certain styles, let your local liquor store know that you are interested in exploring additional Angry Orchard cider styles and hopefully they will be able to order more from their local distributor.

  • Can I buy cider online or directly from the cidery?

    Because of the three-tiered system in the US, alcoholic beverages are unable to be sold directly to consumers from the cider makers or online. However, if you get the opportunity to visit our Innovation Cider House in Walden NY, there are some specialty ciders available for purchase on-site. See you there!

Miscellaneous Questions

  • Why the Angry Orchard name?

    As our cider makers traveled the world looking for the best ingredients, they found that the trees that produce the best apples for cider making also look the angriest! You’ll know this is true if you’ve ever seen an apple orchard in the winter, when all the fruit-bearing trees have been picked clean and all that’s left is gnarled, angry branches. Our cider makers took the best apples from those angry trees in France, Italy, and parts of the United States, and found that the apples best for cider are more tart and tannic than the apples at the grocery store. In fact, Many European cider makers have been calling cider-making apples “angry” for years! We chose the name Angry Orchard because it fit our trees, our apples, and, of course, our cider!

  • Where is Angry Orchard made?

    Angry Orchard is a subsidiary of The Boston Beer Company. Few people know that we’ve actually been tinkering with cider recipes since the mid-1990s under The Boston Beer Company. We launched the Angry Orchard Cider Company with the mission of making ciders with the best ingredients, and introducing well-crafted and innovative cider styles. We make and bottle Angry Orchard at our facilities in Ohio and Pennsylvania. We also have an Innovation Cider House located on our orchard in Walden, New York where our on-site cider maker Ryan Burk experiments with ingredients and cider making techniques on specialty ciders available to sample and purchase only at the Orchard. Click here to learn more about visiting us.

  • Can I take a tour of Angry Orchard?

    We’d love to have you come visit us on our orchard in Walden, NY! Click here to learn more. We don’t currently offer tours at our facilities in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

  • Can I buy Angry Orchard merchandise?

    Although you may see products with the Angry Orchard logo in bars and restaurants, these items are not for general sale.

    Our Innovation Cider House in Walden, NY has specialty items available for purchase at our gift shop. Click here [link to visit our orchard page] for more information about visiting us! Unfortunately we are unable to ship merchandise from our gift shop.

  • Where can I apply for a job with Angry Orchard?

    We are always looking for cider enthusiasts to join our team. You can check out any available job postings here.

  • What do I do if my Angry Orchard experience wasn't up to par?

    We’re sorry! Please let our team know went wrong on our Contact Us form.

Quality and Ingredients

  • How can I tell the shelf life of my cider?

    Generally, our ciders will stay fresh for about twelve months after it was packaged. And, because so many drinkers enjoy Angry Orchard, it’s rare to find an old Angry Orchard on the shelves. Much like other alcoholic beverages, hard cider does not go bad, but its flavor profile will change over time.

  • Is Angry Orchard gluten-free and made with gluten-free equipment?

    Our ciders are made with all naturally gluten-free ingredients. We make every effort to avoid cross-contamination of ingredients, and periodically test our cider and cider making equipment.

  • Why doesn't Angry Orchard use twist-off caps?

    We’ve found that pry-off caps provide the most secure seal for hard cider – protecting the cider from coming into contact with oxygen, which over time can be detrimental to the flavor of hard cider. We make our hard ciders with the best apples and ingredients we can find, and we want to make sure you taste the hard work and passion we have for cider making every time you open a bottle.

Visiting our Orchard

  • Do you take reservations for private events at the orchard?

    Unfortunately we are unable to rent out the space to private groups.

  • Can I go apple picking at the Angry Orchard?

    Labor Day marks the beginning of the apple picking season here in the Hudson Valley. While you can’t pick apples at the Angry Orchard (sorry – but we need them for cider), there are plenty of other places to pick your own!

  • Are there any open jobs at the orchard?

    We are not currently hiring, but will post if/when we are!

  • Is the orchard handicap accessible?

Yes! We have handicap parking available, and our self-guided tours are handicap accessible. The only part of our Cider House that is not easily accessible is our Tree House tasting room, which is accessed by stairs.

  • Can I bring my pet to the orchard?

    We do not allow pets at the orchard (with the exception of service animals).

  • Can people under the age of 21 come to the orchard?

    People under the age of 21 are welcome to visit the Orchard, but only people who are 21+ with a valid ID will be allowed to sample. Additionally, our Treehouse Tours, after-hours events and special events are for adults 21+ only (sorry, no children for after-hours and special events).

  • Can I purchase food at the orchard?

    We typically have food trucks on-site with a variety of food available for purchase. Check out our events schedule here. No outside food or beverages are allowed at the Orchard.

  • Can I purchase cider at the orchard?

    Yes! We offer drafts of Crisp Apple, Easy Apple, and cider styles available exclusively at the Innovation Cider House. Visitors can also purchase growlers and bottles of our specialty ciders from the Angry Orchard Cider House Collection in the gift shop, but they are intended to be enjoyed at home and cannot be consumed on-site.

  • Do you have events at the orchard? How can I get tickets?

    We host special events throughout our open season! Keep an eye on our Events page and our Facebook page for details. Please note that tickets do tend to sell out quickly for our events.