Prosciutto Wrapped Melon

Cider Pairing: Angry Orchard Rosé

Salty, savory prosciutto contrasts perfectly with the sweetness of the melon and Angry Orchard Rosé.

Serving Size: 16 Servings

Cook Time: 15 Minutes


  • 1 bottle Angry Orchard Rosé
  • 1 each Ripe Cantaloupe
  • 12 slices Prosciutto


For the glaze: pour cider in a small saucepan over HIGH heat. Bring to a boil and reduce until thick and syrupy. Place in the refrigerator and cool completely.

For the melon: Cut cantaloupe in half and remove seeds. Slice melon into strips and wrap with prosciutto.

To serve: drizzle with the Angry Orchard cider reduction and serve immediately.

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